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Celegence Provides Services and Solutions to Support the Life Sciences Industry with Regulatory Affairs Operations and Strategy

As regulatory specialists, we work across all phases of the product lifecycle from regulatory strategy, authoring, and all aspects of established product maintenance, including submission management, publishing and health authority interaction. We leverage a global team of consultants to provide local regulatory insight, strategy and intelligence.

Our mission is to collaborate with our customers to deliver Regulatory Affairs efficiency that allows them to focus on what matters most: providing exceptional patient value. We support companies in ensuring regulatory compliance across the globe by providing fully trained resources who understand the regulations and can leverage this knowledge to assist our clients in their day-to-day operations.

Our Global Presence

Location Celegence - Compliance - Life Science Regulations

Chicago, IL United States

Location Celegence - Compliance - Life Science Regulations

London, United Kingdom

Location Celegence - Compliance - Life Science Regulations

Bangalore, India

Our Core Values

We live our core values every day.
They represent the way in which we work with our clients and prioritize business activities.

Celegence - Client Trust - Life Science Regulations

Client Trust

We constantly strive towards earning our Client’s trust and delivering value.

Celegence - Accountability - Life Science Regulations


We take responsibility for our actions and work towards constantly learning from our experiences.

Celegence - Innovation - Life Science Regulations


We believe in constantly innovating in areas of technology and solutions.

Transparency - Integrity - Life Science Regulations


We strive towards high levels of excellence through integrity in every action we take and every commitment we make.

Celegence - Positivity - Life Science Regulations

Positive Work Culture

We believe in creating a conducive and positive environment at work.

Transparency - Innovation - Life Science Regulations


We believe in providing our stakeholders the confidence and security that they deserve, by being transparent and open in our communications.

Celegence - Teamwork - Life Science Regulations


We believe in working together collaboratively through sharing, caring and bonding.

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