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Our AI enabled user-friendly regulatory compliance solution for the Medical Device and In Vitro Diagnostic industry.

How will you maintain your Clinical Evaluation Reports (CERs) and Performance Evaluation Reports (PERs) without continuously adding new resources to your team, and with confidence in your process and data?

Celegence’s groundbreaking proprietary technology solution, CAPTIS can reduce the time it takes to complete Systematic Literature Reviews for a CER or PER or a Literature Search Report, while ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

With a variety of time saving and collaboration features, Celegence has your end-to-end solution for faster clinical evaluation/performance evaluation plans and reports.

Hear from our subject matter expert, Shruti Sharma, who will cover key features offered by CAPTIS technology including:

  • Literature search database integration and simplified article management

  • Feature-rich systematic literature review workflows for enhanced productivity
  • Source documentation management ensures information is consistently represented across your PMS related reports

  • Integrations with US FDA MAUDE and TPLC

  • Document lifecycle management for maintenance of CERs, PERs, PMCF reports, PMSRs, SSCPs etc.

  • Collaboration among project managers, writers, and subject matter experts

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