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Webinar – Practical Advice and Next Steps to Ensure PLM Portal Readiness

What: Webinar – “Practical advice and next steps to ensure PLM portal readiness”
When: Tuesday, March 5th, 2024, at 10:00 AM EST
Where: Online Event
How: Register Here
Why: This webinar will explore the EMA’s PLM portal, spotlighting recent activities and data insights. Learn about eAF, PMS, IDMP, and practical data load considerations.

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About The Webinar

This webinar summarizes recent and next EMA’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) activities, which will be supported by the PLM portal. Participants will gain insights into the current state of implementation and dependencies between the new electronic application form (eAF), the electronic Product Information (ePI) initiative, the Product Management System (PMS), and the Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP).

Moreover, our presenters will dive deeper into the data related aspects of the initial data load into the PMS system, considering the IDMP implementation guidelines. Practical insights will be shared when it comes to preparing your current data and analyzing the plans around the generation of pharmaceutical products, packaged-and manufactured items.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay informed and equipped with practical knowledge to navigate EMA’s PLM landscape

Make Sure You’re EU IVDR Compliant

The checklist highlights all of the documentation that you will need in place for certification of your IVD device and will serve as a guide to help you achieve ongoing compliance. In conjunction with this checklist, we are also able to provide you with bespoke strategies to bring your business up to speed. We are currently working with businesses from the United States, India, and throughout Europe to ensure that they are ready for the deadline in May of 2022.

Why is this topic important to regulatory professionals right now?

  1. The current focus on EMA’s PLM portal is crucial for regulatory professionals as it directly impacts how regulatory procedures will be managed in the near future
  2. This webinar is directly related to the currently ongoing activities of EMA’s PLM implementation in preparation of IDMP
  3. The current PLM implementation activities as part of the long-term roadmap for IDMP implementation, which will have a large impact on how the medicinal product life cycle will be managed in the coming years
  4. The webinar will focus on practical aspects related to the topic, specifically from a data management point of view to address Industry challenges

This webinar will include a 45-minute presentation and 10 to 15 minutes of Q&A.

Webinar Speakers

Webinar Speakers PLM Portal Readiness - Celegence

Sowmya Raju, Senior SME – Regulatory Services
Sowmya Raju is our Senior Regulatory SME with strong experience in xEVMPD, IDMP, RIMS, Regulatory Affairs. She is a RISS TG member for IDMP, CSV, Validation and implementation support.

Michiel Stam, Director of Regulatory Information Management
Michiel started his career 15 years ago in eCTD publishing and submissions, before shifting focus to Regulatory Information Management (RIM). He is also the former product owner of Dossplorer™. Currently Michiel holds the position of Director Regulatory Information Management and provides strategic direction and subject matter expertise for implementation of Regulatory Information Management (RIM) solutions. Michiel has worked on various eSubmission projects including the preparation and submission of initial MAA’s and post-authorization maintenance applications for agencies in the EU (CP/MRP/DCP and Nationals), US (NDA/BLA/IND) and other regions such as GCC and Switzerland.

Webinar Learning Objectives

  • Understand the current state of eAF, PMS, and IDMP integration within EMA’s PLM portal
  • Gain insights into the recent PLM implementation activities and next steps
  • Acquire practical knowledge for preparing and analyzing data in scope of PMS

Who Should Attend?

Professionals involved in Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, CMC, Quality Assurance, and information technology within the pharmaceutical and regulatory domain.

This event is tailored for individuals seeking to enhance their understanding of EMA PMS activities and contribute to global collaboration in medicinal product lifecycle management.

Professional Interest
Advertising, Promotion and Labeling, Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC), Compliance, Product Lifecycle, Professional Development/Training, Quality Assurance and Control, Regulatory Intelligence/Policy, Supply Chain Management

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We are happy to share our insights with you during this webinar and hope that you can join us then.

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