Smridula Hariharan - Celegence's Highflier Spotlight

“Truly Inspiring”

In the dynamic field of life sciences, there are individuals whose dedication and passion not only elevate their work but also inspire those around them. This month, we are proud to honor Smridula Hariharan, an example of excellence and leadership in the Medical Device Services division.

Smridula’s colleagues describe her as “truly inspiring” and admire the exemplary qualities she exhibits. Her dedication to her work and her advocacy for women in the field make her a standout figure in our department.

Contributing Meaningfully to Society

Early in Smridula’s career, she was told that no matter how hard she worked, she would always be seen as a woman first and a professional second. She overcame this roadblock by focusing on her capabilities, proving her worth through her contributions, and never allowing anyone to make her feel less than capable.

For women aspiring to join the life sciences field, she would say it’s a challenging yet fulfilling journey, full of growth, learning, with the joy of contributing meaningfully to society.

Smridula believes in embracing the challenges life has to offer, for nothing truly valuable comes easy, “It’s through the trials we face that we grow stronger and more capable.”

Smridula Hariharan - Senior Manager Regulatory Services MDR IVDR

Vital Role of Mentorship

She understands the vital role mentorship plays in women’s career development, stating that mentorship can be the beacon that guides us through our career’s uncertainties. Smridula actively advocates for diversity and inclusion in the workplace and community by participating in diversity-based programs, educating others on unconscious bias, and actively fostering a culture of respect and inclusion.

Sonia Veluchamy - Smridula Hariharan - Senior Manager Regulatory Services MDR IVDR

Sonia Veluchamy on Smridula Hariharan

“Smridula’s career journey exemplifies our core values of uplifting others and fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive. Her story is a testament to the impact of perseverance, mentorship, and advocacy in the professional world. We are proud to celebrate Smridula Hariharan as Celegence Woman of the Month”

Sonia Veluchamy, Co-Founder and CEO of Celegence.

Celegence Highfliers

Our Celegence Highfliers Spotlight series is where we put the spotlight on a member of staff who has gone above and beyond to provide exceptional value to our clients. It’s important for us to acknowledge and recognize that it is our dedicated team and their committment that makes us what we are. Stay tuned for more from our Highflier series.

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