Leveraging Technology to Optimize MDR Compliance Outsourcing & Partnership – Acumed Case Study

Project Summary:

A Case Study on Acumed‘s Success through Strategic Outsourcing and Partnership with Celegence and CAPTIS.

Celegence collaborated on projects with Acumed to set up the system with the necessary databases, exclusion criteria, screening questions, and article tags.


Acumed were impressed by the demonstration they received of our AI powered regulatory compliance softare CAPTIS and promptly started a trial. During this time, they were pleased to discover the additional advantage of being able to harness Celegence’s medical writing expertise while working collaboratively within the platform.

Project Outcome:

Subscribing to CAPTIS and utilizing the services of Celegence’s Medical Writing Team resulted in considerable productivity gains for the Acumed team. The blend of technology and services added significant efficiencies to the collaboration. Acumed found it incredibly beneficial to utilize CAPTIS, as all their literature reviews, accompanying data, and supporting files were organized in a single, convenient platform.

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