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Dossplorer – Revolutionizing Regulatory Affairs

In the fast-paced world of pharmaceuticals, navigating the complexities of regulatory affairs can be daunting. However, with the right tools and solutions, pharmaceutical companies can streamline their processes, save time, and reduce costs significantly.

The RSIDM 2024 forum highlighted a crucial focus on improving and optimizing organizational processes and procedures to foster a culture of innovative practices and forward-thinking within the pharmaceutical industry. By embracing innovation and leveraging technology, companies can enhance their regulatory affairs practices and stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape.

Pioneering Technology

Celegence, under the visionary leadership of Sonia Veluchamy, is indeed pioneering cutting-edge  life sciences technology to address the challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies in navigating regulatory affairs. Among their flagship solutions is Dossplorer, an advanced cloud-based dossier management platform.

Dossplorer - Pioneering Technology Regulatory Affairs - Celegence

Streamlining The Exchange of Regulatory Dossiers

Dossplorer is designed to streamline the exchange of regulatory dossiers, eliminating manual steps and inefficiencies in the process. With its cloud-based architecture, organizations can effortlessly access and review regulatory documents in various formats, including eCTD (electronic Common Technical Document), NeeS (Non-eCTD electronic Submissions), and others.

This accessibility is not bound by geographic constraints, enabling users to collaborate and access critical information from any region, at any time. By leveraging Dossplorer, pharmaceutical companies can enhance efficiency, reduce operational costs, and accelerate the regulatory submission process. Its intuitive interface and robust features empower regulatory teams to navigate the complexities of compliance seamlessly, ultimately contributing to faster time-to-market for life-saving drugs and therapies.

Driving Innovation Regulatory Affairs Dossplorer

Driving Innovation

Under Sonia Veluchamy’s leadership, Celegence continues to drive innovation in life sciences technology, offering solutions that empower organizations to thrive in a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. Dossplorer stands as a testament to Celegence’s commitment to excellence and its mission to revolutionize the way pharmaceutical companies approach regulatory affairs.

Opportunity for Growth

At Celegence, we recognize that regulatory compliance is not just a necessity but also an opportunity for growth and innovation. We invite you to explore how our life sciences technology and regulatory consulting services can enable your business to unlock its full potential and drive sustainable growth.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact us online to learn more about our services, expertise, and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Make Sure You’re EU IVDR Compliant

The checklist highlights all of the documentation that you will need in place for certification of your IVD device and will serve as a guide to help you achieve ongoing compliance. In conjunction with this checklist, we are also able to provide you with bespoke strategies to bring your business up to speed. We are currently working with businesses from the United States, India, and throughout Europe to ensure that they are ready for the deadline in May of 2022.