Celegence Holdings Announces a Global Partnership and Investment in Soterius

Celegence Holdings Announces a Global Partnership in Soterius, Inc.

Celegence establishes partnership through a strategic investment in Soterius, creating efficiencies and growth opportunities for both organizations.

Celegence and Soterius Synergies

Celegence Holdings LLC has made a significant strategic investment in Soterius, Inc., a provider of outsourced services, collaboration technologies, and data assets in the drug safety and medical affairs space. The investment – made through Soterius’ Series A financing round – has resulted in a partnership that brings synergies to both Celegence and Soterius. It enables both organizations to take advantage the knowledge and experience of their respective teams in order to expand reach and drive growth. Celegence, a Celegence Holdings LLC company, provides regulatory affairs services and technology to the life sciences industry to enable efficient and intelligent compliance with complex global and local regulatory requirements.

“Soterius has a strong delivery team, excellent client relationships and a distinctive technology assets portfolio, which combined result in significant operational efficiencies and quality improvements in drug safety and medical affairs for its clients. With a combination of Celegence’s local regulatory insight, strategy, and intelligence and Soterius’ capabilities, we can leverage our extensive industry knowledge and expertise to offer technologies and services that deliver greater efficiencies for regulatory, safety and medical affairs departments.” 

Sonia Veluchamy, Chief Executive Officer of Celegence

“The investment and the business agreements come at a great time as Soterius expands its footprint in different parts of the world and makes significant investments in people and technologies. The partnership expands access to global talent, clients, and relationships for both our organizations. We are now a combined force of more than 150 people deployed across the United States, Europe, and Asia, and are poised to scale up further as we expand our client portfolio and offer more comprehensive services to our clients from additional locations around the world.”

Suneet Walia, Chief Executive Officer of Soterius

About Celegence

Celegence, founded by Sonia Veluchamy, helps life sciences companies navigate complex global regulatory requirements by providing consulting services and solutions dedicated to regulatory affairs. Celegence supports life sciences customers in the areas of regulatory intelligence, RIMS, publishing, labelling, medical writing, and compliance with new regulations for different product portfolios. Celegence’s depth of experience and extensive delivery capability allows regulatory affairs teams to operate more efficiently, reduce cost, and improve compliance.

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About Soterius

Soterius is a trusted name in the life sciences industry for providing integrated outsourced drug safety and pharmacovigilance, medical affairs, and medical writing services with a customer base spanning Top 10 pharmaceutical companies, biopharmaceutical companies, global cosmetics conglomerates and generic drug manufacturers.  Soterius supports life sciences companies through their drug development, approval, and commercialization processes, helping them find and deploy an optimal mix of outsourced and in-house operations. In addition to providing outsourced services, Soterius has several technology solutions and data assets that improve productivity, collaboration and compliance.

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