Sushma Rani Shekhar - Celegence Highflier Spotlight

Unwavering Dedication

This month, we are proud to honor Sushma Rani Shekhar, a woman whose leadership, integrity, and unwavering dedication have not only benefited our team but also inspired those around her. Sushma’s is an example of dedication to Celegence’s Human Resources division.

Breaking Down Barriers

Overcoming gender discrimination and achieving work-life balance has been a challenging journey for Sushma. However, with determination and the support of family and mentors, she has been able to break through barriers and create a fulfilling career.

For women aspiring to join the human resources field, Sushma would encourage them to recognize that their differences bring significant benefits to organizations.

Sushma Rani Shekhar - Senior Manager HR Celegence

Spurred On To Excellence

“I feel women can bring unique perspectives and empathy to leadership and management roles, which can significantly contribute to a more holistic and inclusive working environment,” says Sushma Rani Shekhar of Celegence.

Sushma believes that, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” This belief continually spurs her on to excellence despite the barriers she has faced. She also believes in the power of mentorship for career development direction, confidence building and networking.

Sonia Veluchamy CEO - Celegence Highfliers

Sonia Veluchamy on Sushma Rani Shekhar

One of the most important pieces of advice she has been given is “Come what may, be true to yourself. Maintain your self-respect and never let anyone make you believe you’re less capable because of your gender.” With this as a guide, Sushma assiduously advocates for policies that support diversity and inclusion throughout Celegence.

“Sushma’s dedication to excellence and her unwavering commitment to fostering a supportive environment for her colleagues exemplify the values we cherish at our company. Her impact extends far beyond her exceptional work, inspiring us all to reach higher and support one another. We are honored to recognize her as our Employee of the Month.”

Sonia Veluchamy, CEO of Celegence.

Celegence Highfliers

Our Celegence Highfliers Spotlight series is where we put the spotlight on a member of staff who has gone above and beyond to provide exceptional value to our clients. It’s important for us to acknowledge and recognize that it is our dedicated team and their committment that makes us what we are. Stay tuned for more from our Highflier series.

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